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NIGHTMARER “deformity adrift” LP/CD

“Nightmarer has created something truly special with Deformity Adrift. Unforgivingly dissonant but far more immediate than the cloaked figures of its genre-mates, it balances cutthroat riff and bleak atmosphere for a unique death metal album that ought to challenge the echelon of 2023’s already formidable spread.” angrymetalguy

“deformity adrift” got released on LP and CD

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also out now.
the vinyl version of
AFSKY “om hundrede år” 

“Without a doubt Afsky’s most daring and fulfilling journey, Om hundrede år is a melancholic cloud of heartfelt agony which will stick deep within the listener’s psyche. Ole Pedersen Luk continues to capture his unique brand of depressive black metal with a meticulous songwriting panache, coupled with natural ability to portray emotion that few have mastered to this level.” deadrethoric

available on black, transparent green and gold vinyl
relief spot UV print on cover, 24 pages booklet


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